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    SBCS Peer-Assisted Study Support (PASS)

    What is PASS ?

    PASS (Peer Assisted Study Support) does exactly what the name - and acronym - suggest: we, the students help you, the students, in order to aid you in your studies throughout your first and second years in SBCS in a relaxed, friendly and informal environment.

    Early days at university can be intimidating for the best of us, with so many things going on at once; it is normal to feel lost and confused (QMplus alone will make your head hurt). But PASS is your opportunity to speak to fellow students who have experienced the same issues barely two years before you.


    Whatever your problems are, and whenever they arise, it is NEVER too late to come to PASS.


    What PASS isn't?

    • Compulsory
    • A waste of time


    Where can you find us ?

    For Semester B:



    Tuesdays 1-2pm in Francis Bancroft building room 1.01.1




    Wednesdays 1-2pm in Engineering building room 2.07




    Thursdays 1-2pm Francis Bancroft building room 3.27






    No sign-up nor membership fee is required, just show up with your questions and our team of mentors from throughout SBCS will facilitate in any way we can.