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Module Information Page Teaching and Learning Profile

The Teaching and Learning Profile for the Module

Page Assessment Profile and Feedback Timetable

Assessment profile and timetable for feedback

File Module Information
File Module Summary
File Additional Readings
URL EBU723U Module Descriptor
Lecture slides File Lecture 1 - Introduction
File Lecture 1 - Introduction (two per page)
File Lecture 2 - Image representation
File Lecture 2 - Image representation (two per page)
File Lecture 3 - Histograms
File Lecture 3 - Histograms (two per page)
File Lecture 4 - Transformations
File Lecture 4 - Transformations (two per page)
File Lecture 5 - Colour
File Lecture 5 - Colour (two per page)
File Lecture 6 - Filtering
File Lecture 6 - Filtering (two per page)
File Part 7 Edges and segmentation

Part 7 Edges and segmentation

File Part 8 Interest points

Part 8 Interest points

File Part 9 Morphology

Part 9 Morphology

File Part 10 Colour processing

Part 10 Colour processing

File Part 11 JPEG

Part 11 JPEG

File Part 12 Sequences

Part 12 Sequences

File Part 13 Digital video

Part 13 Digital video

File Search algorithms

Search algorithms for block based motion estimation

Coursework File pgm_ppm_test_images
File read-write
File Coursework Information 2015
File EBU723U coursework 2015
File Coursework marking timetable
Exam Papers File Paper A 2013
File Paper A 2013 solutions
File Paper B 2013
File Paper B 2013 solutions